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Frequently Asked Questions

We are a SaaS based all-in-one freelancer platform. We have combined a freelancer marketplace, project management tool and digital learning all on 1 location. We allow freelancers to use millennial tools to market their business. Social Media, external Websites, you tube Videos, and more are just some of the tools that can be leveraged to boost your business.
We offer 1 membership plan currently. It is the 95.99 a month Busy Package. We do this because we didn’t believe in the commission and fees tables like our counterparts. Click here to see our membership pricing ( Linked to Pricing table)
We wanted to give back ownership to the freelancer. Why should we profit more than the person doing the work? This way you can focus on running your business and not on commission tables or fee charges. No more deciding if taking a project is worth your time due to high fees. Every project and all revenue go back to you.
We do everything Read here to learn more.
Yes, that is essentially why we created this platform. We wanted entrepreneurs to have a 1 stop shop for their business. At any given stage you can utilize and leverage all three. We wanted to provide a space that is more efficient for the busy digital nomad.
You can apply to sell your digital products by clicking here.
No, you do not have to have a subscription account however we strongly recommend that you do. Creating a portfolio of your whole business can leverage customer relationships and build clientele. If you would like to see the value of marketing your business on our platform click here.
You can send/approve offers, invoices, contracts, upload and organize files, communicate instantly with our team and clients, keep track of your eCommerce and project revenue, and take notes.
Pricing and Payment
$0. The Busy Business is free to sign up, post a project, receive offers from freelancers, review the freelancer's portfolio and discuss the project requirements. Even after you accept an offer it is still free. Sign up here.
The project management tool is an included feature for all registered subscribers. If you have a subscription account, it is included in your subscription price.
Yes, cancel at any time. Billing will stop at the end of your subscription period without any additional costs. Access to your account will remain until end of subscription period as well.
We offer a free 30-day trial. If you still love us, we enroll you in our monthly subscription program at $95.99 a month. No Commissions or fees are taken from your projects. Your Work. Your Pay.
Applying to become a vendor is FREE. All sales are split 90/10, with 90% of the revenue to the vendor. We keep only 10%.
First please make sure you have followed all the steps when you signed up. You can verify, by clicking here. Then if you still have questions on how to withdraw your funds please click here for additional assistance: How to Use the Withdraw to Bank Service
Application Process for Freelancers & Vendors
Approximately 10% of applicants pass the screening process. We do not want 100's of thousands of experts on our site. We have a cap of 8,000 freelancers at time, compared to the millions of freelancers on other sites.
We want to give value over quantity, so we created and implemented the Busy Seal. Which means we screen for prior projects, prior clients, current reviews on other platforms and communication skills. We do not want everyone on this platform, we only want the best.
Although we want to see everyone succeed, we must maintain the integrity of the platform. If denied you will be allowed to reapply however, correcting the denial reason will ensure your time and or time is not wasted.
There are 3 reasons why our community is different. The first being we only allow 8,000 registered freelancers at any given time. The second difference is that we conduct our Busy Seal Process to verify the integrity of the freelancer and their work. The third is that to maintain a portfolio on our platform, all registered freelancers must always adhere to our 3.5 Star Review Standard.
A subscriber means you are utilizing our platform to market your business and to apply to respected projects as well as access to our project management tool, and digital e learning community.
A vendor account means you sell your digital products only on our platform and do not have access to the other business tools.
We saw the need for Entrepreneurs to have a place where they can learn actionable advice on scaling and growing their business. In order to maintain that we verify all learning tools are in accordance with our Busy Seal of Approval.
Projects & Hiring a Freelancer
There are 2 easy ways that you can hire an exceptional freelancer. You can post a project for free or contact the freelancer directly in our Busy Community. If you need additional info on how to hire look no further. (click here)
You can do so here.
You can communicate via Instant Message inside of our Project Portal or you can reach out directly via their business email, telephone number and etc.